Day 1 of Main Camp was a huge success

Parksville, BC (August 11, 2017) – The Quality Foods Oceanside Generals Day 1 of Main Camp was a huge success. Players competed in a full fitness test which included a Beep Test, 40 yard dash, Standing Long jump, and distance running. “Jake Sweet, a Midget Tier 1 goalie from Prince George, looked very good in fitness testing. He did really well at the Beep test, the long run and the sprint.” said Head Coach Jesse Hammill. “Issac Finner was really strong in the fitness Testing as well. Returning players came back in great shape. Landon Dziadyk and Max Creighton led the way and looked ready for camp.”

After the fitness testing the players attended a seminar based on off ice training and mental preparation for high performance competition. Jim Miller, head fitness trainer for the Generals, spoke to the players about fitness, sleeping habits, nutrition, at what it takes to be a high performance athlete.  The players will be working closely with Jim for the 2017/2018 season using his Parksville based facility, Jim’s Gym, as their go to training centre.

Josh Cook, founder of Consistency Coaching and current VIU |Mariner spoke about the mental preparation side of hockey.  His motivational speech provided the players with a focus for not only training camp but for the season moving forward.

Goalies hit the ice first with our goalie coach Nolan Kurceba. This was followed be separate practice sessions for both teams in camp. “We are really excited for these young guys we have coming up here in Oceanside, lots of hard working kids, good skaters as well. We are really excited to have Jesse coaching this Season. It looks like we will be running good systems and power plays which is an exciting start to the season.” commented 19 year old, Gens veteran, Max Creighton.

“The first Day was pretty eventful, 2 ice sessions and a pretty good fitness test. Tomorrow will be a great day and lots of hustle from the boys today” said newcomer Isaac Finner from Nanaimo.

“I think a couple of guys pretty much came out of no where.  We have only seen some of these players a couple of times at other camps and they were showing some great physical play today. Noah Goyer from Prince George has great speed, Isaac Finner had a awesome day also today. ” said Head Coach Jesse Hammill. “From our Veterans, Max Creighton leadership off the ice to Koby Adams who is taking the role of kind of the joker with the young guys, to Taylor Olson asking lots of question after practice to just go through stuff on the board which I really like. Players are really engaged so far.”

Players return to the Howie Meeker Arena at Oceanside Place for day 2 of camp today with games at 9:00am and 3:15pm as well as a second goalie session at 8:00pm.  Camp will conclude Sunday with a last game at 9:00am. Camp is open to the public and the games are good and fast.


*Picture Courtesy of PQB News

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